Freebies! Companion stories available for Curse of the Jenri and Tarot Queen

>> Wednesday, May 31, 2017

I've written some companion stories to my novels that I'm offering as a pdf freebie. They'll eventually be part of a large anthology but I'm offering them to anyone who has bought (or beta read) any of my books. You don't need proof, just let me know on my author page, PM me, or comment on a blog and you can have either or both I have now. I'm working on stories for the Bete novels and Saving Tessa, but I have pdfs for Tarot Queen and Curse of the Jenri now. Just ask. The others will be announced when they're ready on my author page and newsletter.

(Why don't I need proof? Because I think if you read them, and haven't read the books, I bet you'll want to).

 Just comment here or email me at


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