Debbie Manber Kupfer is back with author info and a sale - it's a twofer!

>> Sunday, January 7, 2018

I've talked about Debbie Manber Kupfer before. I mean, her series is all about different kinds of shape shifters. How can I not love that? So, when I got tagged about some author writing questions, I tagged her and she wrote up answers to put in my blog. (I'll put mine up next time, unless I forget--stupid absent-mindedness!).

So, here are the questions with answers and then I'll tell you a little somethin'-somethin' about her sale starting January 7!

1) Which of your characters are you most like?

Well, there’s a lot of me in a lot of my characters, but probably the one that’s most like me is Miri. So many of her experiences are based on my own. I was very close to my omama (grandma) who died when I was 10 years old. She was from Vienna and made the best cakes, and yes I used to bake with her in my own little cake pans. And since being an adult I’ve never managed to make sponge cakes that tasted like hers despite inheriting her recipe books.

I also had a best friend called Jenny when I was small, who moved away when I was around 11 or 12 years old. We used to play “fairies” on the stairs in my childhood home. My favorite book, like Miri’s was Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. And even Miri’s cat form (black with one white whisker) is based on my childhood cat, Snowy.

Like Miri I am clumsy and have a tendency to live in a dream world and have always loved to write. I was also bullied at school. The bullying scene early in P.A.W.S. is based very much on a true memory. Sadly though I have never been able to turn myself into a cat!

2) What is important to you in your character building?

That I know a lot about my characters. Not at the beginning, but after a while my characters become old friends and I get excited when an odd character I wrote in one story turns up in an unexpected place in another. (I’m convinced that the world of all my stories is linked together even if it’s not apparent at the start.)

3) How much do you know about your characters ahead of time?

Very little. I’m a discovery writer. As I write my characters come to life. Often, like with Miri, they are based on my own experiences or on people I know, but often they just emerge in all their weird and wonderful glory. So I end up with wild warlocks, a goat of healing, and even a wereduck.

4) What genre do you admire but not write?

I’m in awe of good mystery writers who can make plots twist and turn to keep readers on their toes. I couldn’t even begin to write a mystery.

5) What haven’t you tackled yet but plan to?

I’d like to write a game book, probably set in my P.A.W.S. world. When I’m not writing fiction I write puzzles for magazines so combining writing and puzzles in this way is something that’s immensely attractive. It also seems like venturing down a rabbit hole though, so I will need to finish my series before I’m embark on this.

So, what's this about a sale? You can get all four of Debbie's delightful P.A.W.S. saga for 99 cents from January 7 (that's today) through the January 13. That's a deal and a half right there (which I won't take because I've already got them all, but, hey, my sister's birthday is coming up...). You can find them all here.



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