Rite to Reign Scavenger Hunt #ritetoreign

>> Saturday, October 20, 2018

As you undoubtedly know by now, Mirren Hogan and I wrote a book called Incantation that's part of the Rite to Reign book bundle. Yay, us!

Well, we're doing all kinds of things to drum up interest and one of them is a scavenger hunt and, HEY, I'm part of it.

Lots of people are signing up for newsletters or contacting this and that, but I'm old fashioned. I like having you look for answers to questions. What will you win, you ask? Why this, which is, once more, proof that I can't even be trusted with a phone camera. But it looks way cooler in reality. Limited to the US, I'm afraid.

So, how do you win this cat magical trinket? I'm glad you asked. I'm going to give you a number of questions and links where you can find the answer. Please send them to stephanieebarr@gmail.com and I will tally them there. I will NOT be adding you to any lists or anything, and will delete all those emails after the hunt is over. 

1. What does Henry's key open? (Check out the pinned post on my FB Author page Dragon Faerie Creative Enterprises. You don't have to like/follow but you're welcome to).

2. When Henry and David lost their car, what transportation did Henry manage to conjure? (Check out the pinned post on my other FB Author Page, Snarky Barr Quartet)

3. Amazon will only let me give one book away (the other "freebies are 99 cents) - what book is it? (Amazon author page)

4. What is Iris' Sweetwater's Contribution to the October Rite to Reign Book Fair?

5. Yesterday, what prize did Tanya Dawson offer for her scavenger hunt?

6. Among the free gifts with preorder of Rite to Reign, you get 15 extra books and what?

Those are the scavenger questions, but there are so many more places to explore.  See below!

By the way, while I have you on here, tomorrow at 5 central, I and several other authors from the Rite to Reign bookset will be talking on Katara's Cafe. Sounds like a great reason to listen in.


 Don't forget to check out tomorrow's scavenger hunt and, hey, if you want to see them all (since they'll run all month so you can still get them), look at the Scavenger Hunt map.

While you're at it, check out the Rite to Reign Party room on facebook.

While you're at it, if you have a blog, why not sign up for the Rite to Reign Book tour and Giveaway?

Or enter one of the giveaways for $100 dollar gift cards just in time for the holidays

Amazon giftcard

Barnes and Noble

Or, hey, why not preorder Rite to Reign on your favorite ebook retailer? Just 99 cents for so much wicked witchy goodness.


So Much Going on for Rite to Reign #ritetoreign

>> Friday, October 12, 2018

I know, I know, I've been talking about Rite to Reign frequently, but there's so much going on that I feel like you all need a rundown on this remarkable set of books.

For one thing, there's a several month party going on on Facebook, where authors from the set and many invited authors will come with giveaways and information and games every day from now until we release in December. Join in, why don't you?

And a book fair going on for October with tons of great stuff available and the chance for a $25 gift card.

But that's not enough. We're also having a scavenger hunt all month long (and I'll be doing my leg on 10/21) right here on this blog. But check out all the other days right here.

Preorder this huge bookset for just 99 cents and you will also get a free gift just come here and tell them. Not just a spell book written by the authors, a collection of ebooks including my own book, Tarot Queen.

We're having another party today in the Wings of the Wicked party page, with our authors going all afternoon/evening long today and myself taking a stint at 9 pm CST today.

And, let's not forget, there are tons of great witchy books in here, not the least of which, of course, is the book Mirren Hogan and I have written, Incantation. Find the set here:


Interviewed again #RitetoReign

>> Wednesday, October 10, 2018

And what a great interviewer Damien is. Such in depth questions.

Turns out, if you give me rope, I will talk and talk, so this is actually part 1 of a three part interview and he'll be adding reviews of two of my books.

That's about as great as it gets. Here's part one where I talk about overcoming some serious writer's block and also about how I juggle a full time job, two time intensive children and my love of writing.

Part two: Analysis of my anthology Legacy
Part three: Part two of my epic interview
Part four:
Part five:

But really, take a look at some of his other reviews and posts. These are some interesting folks and Damien seems to have a knack for finding strengths and weakness of the books he reads and delve into the writer's mind like few others I've seen. He's got dark psychotic crime, historical crime (which is his own bag). emotionally deep short fiction, and supernatural horror.

He's had an interesting foray into fiction so he knows his way.

He'll also be delving into some of the writers and the book bundle set I'm working on, Rite to Reign and that's pretty exciting, too. If you are interested in writing and want a blog to follow, this one might just be the one.

And while you're checking things out, check out the scavenger hunt going on every single day this month where you can win a different prize every day. And check back right here because I'm involved and will be getting you started on my hunt on Oct 21. Right. Here. 

In fact there's lots of excitement on the Rite to Reign site including a book fair, and a free gift for buying the set.



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