Interview on Web radio!

>> Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Save the date for tomorrow: Wednesday, June 28, at 4-6 pm EST, I'll be on web radio with a host Dellani Oakes (an author) and two other authors, Alfred Jendrasik and Jerry Pociask.

We'll be talking about books and reading excerpts and talking about how we got into what we love to do, write books.

Check it out! (And, if you can't make it, you can always listen to it later.)

Red River Radio


The Sunshine Blogger Award: An interview with Darma

>> Friday, June 9, 2017

I’ve been nominated by S A Gibson for the ‘Sunshine Blogger Award’, where a character in one of my novels has to answer ten questions about themselves. I’ve chosen Darma, the young fiery young engineer from Beast Within and Nine Lives. Partly because she's a handful and partly because that's who I was when I took my own quiz. S A Gibson gave me the questions:

1. Tell me what your life is like.

In many ways, it's like camping, y'know like you do when you're a kid and your parents think you should get more fresh air, except it's all wild here. We crash-landed here, the Bete, me and about a thousand other teenagers and it's beautiful, but it's crazy dangerous and there's no one to come get you if you get hurt or something goes wrong. I mean, we've already fought man-sized bugs and a smaller bug that carried a really nasty disease. You gotta stay on your toes. But, it let's a sharp girl like myself really show off her stuff, y'know. I love a challenge.
2. Who do you care about the most?

Talk about challenges. Here, it would have to be Laren, the guy who can become a panther. I mean, I have family back on my home planet, parents I love, a sister in university, but...but we can never go back so we'll have to build our own families here. Laren is a total pain in the ass, prickly and sullen in turns, but his heart is totally in the right place. And, when the chips are really down, when the world is chaos or you're really in danger, Laren's the guy you want at your back. He's smart in a not-in-your-face way and really can put the pieces together. Gotta love a guy with a brain.
3. Who or what do you fear the most?

There's a lot of stuff here that's pretty damn scary, plants that'll eat you, slowly, and those big-ass bugs, but, you know, what I think scares me the most are my own kind, people who seem to be perfectly decent people but who can turn on you in a second because you're different. I mean, can you imagine being in a big group of castaways and imprisoning some or trying to kill some? That happened, people so full of hate and fear they couldn't hear anything we said, who didn't care if we lived, who wanted us to die. And they still might be out there somewhere.

4. What kind of work do you like the most?

Solving problems. Whether it's a disease or an engineering problem, figuring out the right alloy, whatever. I love challenges that let me make the most of what I know. I might like to show off a little bit, but it's also nice to see the things I make really helping people.
5. If you had one incredible power, what would it be?

Bwahahaha! I've got two already. I can turn in to a Kula Tiger, that baddest ass cat ever, and walk through walls as a person or a cat.  But, if I could have one more, I'd like to be able to do what K'Ti can do, healing people. There aren't many things more frightening than seeing someone you care about hurt and feeling helpless to help them.

6. What is one bad thing, you secretly wish you could do?

I wish Laren and Xander had let me kill off the people who attacked us, who terrorized kids and tried to kill Laren and Xander and Rem. I mean, yeah, letting them wander off into the wild, what are the chances they survive, but, what if they do? And those are the people I fear most.
7. What’s is you favorite swear word?

Probably "ass". I've got a nice one, I'm attached to an adorable hot-headed ass and, it seems like, there's always someone having a dumbass moment around me.
8. Do you consider yourself a dreamer or a doer? Give an example.

Oh, hell no, I'm a doer. Can't get anything done by just dreaming. Got roll up your sleeves and get to work. Hell, if I wasn't a doer, Laren would still be sniffing around, trying to avoid talking to me because he liked me--as if that makes any sense.  We wanted each other so I made it happen.
9. Would you replace your author if you could? Does you author annoy you?

Nah. She's a pain, y'know, throwing left curves at us all the time and piling on the crises, but, if we're paying attention and think, we can get out. And, like I said, I love challenges.  Plus, I never know what she'll throw next. Not sure she does either.

10. What type of weather best describes you?

I like thunderstorms, the kind where the wind goes every which way, and the rain comes from every direction, the lightning lights up the world. I mean, nothing makes you feel alive like a thunderstorm, danger and water and wind, which we need. 

Who’s next? I'm nominating M. A. Ray, J. S. Frankel,
Merri Prudich Halma, Cheryl Carvajal, Lyra Shanti,
and Wade Garret

Part of the chain is to nominate people with your own questions, so here’s mine!
1. How would you describe the world you live in three sentences or less.
2. What is the one thing or person you couldn't bear to lose?
3. What is the one thing or person you'd love to lose?
4. What shore or responsibility do you hate most?
5. What do you do when you feel overwhelmed?
6. If there was one of your traits you wished you could change, what would it be and what would you change it to?
7. What do you most want to accomplish?
8. What aspect of yourself are you the most pleased with?
9. Would you replace your author if you could? Does you author annoy you?
10. If you could turn into any animal, which one would you choose and why?



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