Guest Post: Debbie Manber Kupfer's New Release

>> Tuesday, September 12, 2017

And now, Debbie Manber Kupfer,

A lady who really knows her way around shapeshifters:

I'm really excited today because I get to reveal the brand new awesome cover for the next book in the P.A.W.S. Saga, LONDINIUM.  The cover was created by the hugely talented Rachel Bostwick who also made the cover for the new box set of books 1 to 3 that are now available on Amazon.

So here goes - drum roll please - LONDINIUM (The P.A.W.S. Saga 4), on presale now.

“The pea soup has spoken,” said Caradog. “You are destined for Londinium.”
“Londinium?” asked Miri.
“It was the ancient city from which London sprang. The P.A.W.S. Institute of Londinium is the oldest in the world. It started before the city of today existed and straddles the old and the new. Unfortunately, today it is run by a fool.”

Join Miri as she continues her journey through Umbrae and Londinium with the help of werecats, wild warlocks, an old dog, a duck, and a whole lot of pea soup.

The P.A.W.S. Saga continues with Londinium.

Need to catch up?

You can do that all in one place with a brand new box set of books 1 to 3. Now available on Amazon.


Indie Author Introduction: A.D. Trosper

>> Monday, September 4, 2017

I have written and self-published a number of books, which mostly languished. Last fall, I was briefly signed with an indie publisher that has since closed its doors. However, as a side effect of that, I found myself amidst a large collection of indie authors who not only welcomed me, but have taught me several important things about publishing and marketing for myself I would never have found alone. More than that, I have really appreciated that support that few can provide like those who have lived through the same trials first hand. 

They have been unflinching in their willingness to share with me and also spread the word about me around, so the least I can do is share it as well, which means I'm adding a section to my newsletter to showcase another writer and his or her work as I will add a post to my writing blog. 

This time, it is A.D. Trosper, someone who has written one book I very much enjoyed (Unveiled) and another I'm currently devouring (Betrayed), two fantasy novels (part of the Raven Daughter Series) that combine some of my favorite elements like magic cats, demons, snarky women, people who aren't what they appear to be, and romance. And adventure. And even some humor. Cool beans. She manages to combine devils and gods and angels and demons and soul reapers without wallowing in religious miasma or getting preachy, largely because she regards individuals as individuals, as who they are being more important than what. Now where have I run into that concept before?

Unveiled is out now and I highly recommend it. I'm reading an ARC for Betrayed which will be out shortly (and yes, I've preordered it). You can find them on Amazon here (Unveiled) and here (Betrayed preorder)

 A.D. Trosper also is involved with a set of several paranormal and Sci-Fi Romance novels that you can preorder for an astoundingly small price. Bound by Legend is currently exclusive to this set and is the only place you will find it. A mix of Paranormal Romance and Sci-Fi Romance, this is one set you don’t want to miss! Pre-Order it now and get 20 books (including Bound by Legend) for .99!

Here are some handy links for the collection.  Collection  Google Play Kobo  iTunes Barnes&Noble and Amazon



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