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>> Saturday, September 1, 2018

I've mentioned Rite To Reign before, an amazing book bundle of more than twenty writers and novels (just 99 cents!) that I'm fortunate to be a part of. Mirren Hogan and I wrote a novel for it, something a bit off the beaten track, something with magic, dragons, unicorns, political intrigue, demons, and hot guys. Everything one would want in a book. And that's just OUR book. There are so many more fabulous books in there.  And you can pre-order it on ibooks RIGHT NOW!

Don't believe it's something special? Here's a snippet.

"Unicorns are perfect," David assured him. "Look at this place. Texas is positively covered with good grazing unless…unicorns don't eat something crazy like rainbows and shit like that, do they?"
His unicorn tossed its head angrily, nearly cracking him on the head with its horn.
"I have no idea what they eat," Henry replied. Truthfully until now he'd thought they were make-believe. "I'm sure we'll find out." He looked down at the head and neck in front of him.
"UmHigh-ho unicorn?"
The unicorn started walking due south-east.
"I think the map was in this one," Henry said. Built in GPS, hell yeah.
David glanced back, probably to see if the dragons were coming. "Whoa! That silly bird is back. They must be everywhere down here. Or maybe it's feeling amorous and thinks one of the dragons is a mate."
Not funny, Penelope said. This is all so tiresome.
Calliope let out a stream of fire that singed the grass right behind David's unicorn's hooves. The unicorn started forward at a gallop, nearly stabbing David in the eye with its horn with a toss of its head.
Now that's funny.
"Not even slightly funny," Henry shouted and his unicorn started after David's. "We'd prefer not to get killed!" Bloody dragons were more trouble than they were worth. He grabbed hold a handful of mane and hung on for dear life.
"They have to stop some time, right?"
"Here's hoping," David said, pulling back on his unicorn's sparkling mane. "Mine's headed straight for a building. We're in Texas. Let's hope we wander by a tack shop so we can get saddles and bridles or we're going find ourselves on our asses if not our heads."
"Better than a grassy knoll." Henry's unicorn slowed and came to a walk. It wasn't even breathing heavily.
"I don't suppose you can talk?" he asked hopefully.
The unicorn turned its head and gave him the eye.
"I guess not."

And while you're checking out that goodness, check out this lovely freebie of short stories by some of the authors in question, including both Mirren Hogan and myself.



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