Leibster Blog Award - for me!

>> Tuesday, June 26, 2018

So I was nominated by a blogger that actually keeps up better (mea culpa!), a fellow indie writer, J.I. Rogers (who writes dystopian with a quirk if you want to check it out - you should at least check out her blog because it's awesome. What the award appears to be is just a way for people who admire a blog to share the love. Can't help but love that. And, yes, I'll be tagging, too.

So, what do I do when I "win"?

First, I acknowledge the one who nominated me. Thanks, J.I. Rogers!

Then, I answer her eleven questions.

1. What do you feel is the best blog post you’ve written to date and why?

That's a tough one to answer because I have had some great posts, but mostly early on. However, I had a series of three on what it was like to be a genius and the downsides that has inspired more than one character in a book.  You can find part 1, part 2, and sidebar for "Having it Easy Ain't Easy" via these links. These thoughts became Dylan Chroz, for instance. 

2. If you had to choose one of your current projects to tell a group of strangers about, what would it be?

You keep asking me to choose between all of my beloved babies. I would probably talk about my novel that's coming out August 1. I had so much fun with my characters, dabbling with mythology, something I adored growing up, and, of course, playing with dragons is always fun.  That's The Taming of Dracul Morsus.

3. Who in your life (living or dead) provided you with the best inspiration?

There is absolutely no way I could pick one person and say, "Yep, that was the one that got me started or influenced me the most." But, I have to be fair and say that my second husband was a great writing buddy and my discussions with him have had a huge influence on my writing and have really impacted what I write, how I write, and who I write. 
4. What book would you recommend that everyone read?

If I'm depressed, nothing gets me out of it like Georgette Heyer. My all time favorite is These Old Shades, but I recommend The Corinthian the most (and have hooked several men on her).  

5. What is your favorite movie?

Ms. Rogers, I'm totally eclectic. What movies I love depends on my mood. BUT, most of my favorites have at least a modicum of humor in them. Oh well, since someone mentioned it the other day, let's go with Secondhand Lions, which I adored

6. Hypothetical: You’re a well-paid guinea-pig being abandoned on a remote tropical island for an extended period (several years). You have ample food supplies, shelter (even indoor plumbing), electricity, and a decent computer… but the internet is nonexistent, and you will have no human contact. One of the scientists takes pity on you and will leave you an external drive with movies, TV/Netflix series, games, and books on it, but the catch is it can only be one genre. Which genre would you choose?

Anime/manga - yay, something I can answer. I've become obsessed and I have a whole blog devoted to it.
7. Cat, dog, or other?

Cats. I love their independence and purring. They're in all of my books, often with pivotal roles and or telepathic snarkiness.

8. When you’re being creative, do you prefer quiet or some form of sound (music, audiobook…) in the background?

I can't write with music. That's the only time I need quiet. Every other time with any other task, music, audiobooks. whatever, I need the background noise.

9. What can move you more, images or words?

Maybe words, but my love of manga argues I love images, too. And I'm a softy and will get choked up over almost anything. 

10. If you could be assured of accomplishing one thing with your life, what would be your magnum opus?

My kids had happy lives where they were comfortable with who they were and didn't have to suffer. (I'm a dreamer, what can I say?)

11. What is your favorite color?

Purple. No contest. 

Nominate eleven bloggers. Hmm. I've been out of the loop and many of my old favorites have also been letting it slide. Let me see.

Natalie Whipple of Between Fact and Fiction   

Roy of Roy's World
David Kent of multiple blogs like Science Traveler, and White Hot Snow, and the Dake Page
Mary Woldering

GD Deckard and company of Writer's Co-op
AM Ryncroft
Jeannie B Richards

Eric Klein of Feature Friday Futures
Misha Burnett
Jane Jago and E.M. Swift-Hook of Working Title Blogspot
Amy Shannon

UPDATE: Woops, I should have come up with my own questions but I totally forgot, so, just use J.I.Rogers' questions because, despite my complaining, they were pretty good.

 And, hey,  while I have you here, have you preordered the fantastic upcoming book bundle, Rite to Reign for 99 cents. The book Mirren Hogan and I wrote is in there and so many more. You should check it out here!

Come to think of it, have you bought my upcoming book that releases August 1 practically everywhere but here it is on amazon and smashwords? Why the heck not? 


Rite to Reign - You can order it now!

>> Sunday, June 17, 2018

Another release (another book bundle) is on the horizon (You like what I did there?)

've mentioned a couple times that Mirren Hogan and I and I have written a paranormal romance/urban fantasy, involving both witchcraft and royalty, together. But, even bigger than that news is that our books is only one of a 25 novel set, full of witchcraft and royalty, mayhem and mischief. Find all your links here or there's also B&N and Kobo specific links

Still, even among exalted book companions, Mirren and I had to be different...


Granace had survived innumerable European wars by way of witchcraft, but times were changing. Now, tourism and political machinations were the order of the day.
So, David, the Prince of Granace, was forbidden to practice the witchcraft he yearned to pursue, told to leave it to the women in their matriarchal society, and prepare himself to marry for the country's advantage.
But he couldn't, not only because no princess appealed like his best friend, Henry, but also because he was convinced he'd need those skills if his country was going to survive the most diabolical attack…

And hey, here's a blurb:

"I have just want you need." She ran to a large trunk in the back and began rummaging through it throwing this and that out over her shoulder. Some of the items were recognizable but plenty were a mystery. "This!" She trotted back, a carved crystal bottle between her withered hands.
"What is it?"
"Elixir of regeneration. One sip, and your magic will replenish. But only take one. If you take a second one in less than a month, you'll likely explode with the power."
David reached for it. "That will be twenty-five gold. Elixir doesn't come cheap you know."
David scrounged in his pocket and had to fish a few extra pieces from his other pocket. She handed him the bottle with a flourish, then turned her beady little eyes on Henry. "Now, for you."
He took a step back. "I don't know. I think maybe I'm fine after all." He didn't feel like exploding from using something wrong. He could endanger himself perfectly well without help.
"Come, come, the price has already been paid. You need only choose a card."
Henry sighed, but turned his face and tugged a card free. "It better not be the death card." He knew enough about tarot to know it only meant change, not literal death, but he still didn't want to see it.
"Strength," she said, her eyes brightening. "Aren't you the hidden treasure? Well, well." She gripped his hand before he could return the card. "Yes, yes, I feel it. So much strength. You only need the key. The key!" She tossed his hand aside and fetched an ornate jewelry box off the shelf, cackling to herself.
Henry wound a hand in the air near his ear, gesturing to David that he thought maybe she was at least a little bit crazy. They might be too, for listening to her.
"What kind of key?" he asked, not bothering to try to sound like he bought it.
"Well," David whispered to him, "she did know control is one of my weak spots."
"A-ha!" she exulted, swinging a silver chain over her head. "It's here," she said with great portent. "The key."
And there it was, a tiny silver key on a long thick silver chain.
"Well it's a key," Henry replied. "What does it do?" It looked like the kind which opened a child's diary, not a magical artifact of any actual use.
She ignored his reluctance and slipped the chain over his neck. "When the time is right," she said in a whisper with a blast of smoky breath, "it will let you open up the heart of your power."
"How much," said David, fishing the last of the coins from his pocket.
She waved a hand. "You've been such good customers. Call it a bonus."
Henry shrugged. “Thanks, I guess.” It probably wouldn’t do anything anyway. “We should get going.”
David nodded, but thanked the creepy old woman a little too warmly. Then, just before he left, he said, "Hey, do you know unicorns eat? Is it the same as regular horses?"
"Of course not. Unicorns eat shit. They like cow and horse shit, but nothing makes them happier than dragon dung."
"Really?" David said before he was jerked out the front door.
"I think she was full of shit," Henry said, once they were out of earshot. "Who ever heard so much rubbish?"



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