MangaMania Contest Concluded

>> Friday, March 18, 2011

So, my first ever contest is over with at least five of my thirteen entries showing up before I officially announced the contest. So, here are the books again:

Rasetsu 1
Night of the Beasts 1
Kimi ni todoke 1
Otomen 1
Bride of the Water God 1
Vampire Knight 1
Fruits Basket 20

(Rating Loved, Liked, Didn't Like, Been Taken) Note that Rasetsu and particularly Night of the Beasts are both in used (but decent) condition thanks to my toddler. The rest are in pristine like new condition (since I only read them once or not at all if they're a duplicate). All except Fruits Basket are the first in the series. Remember, just because I didn't like them didn't mean they were bad.

Winners (in order of drawing):

Jeff King
Jeff King
Jeff King
Jeff King
Relax Max
The Mother

Choosing which book(s) you want is a matter of whoever comes and asks first. Send me an email stephanieebarr at gmail dot com and let me know your preferences which include:

(a) which book(s) you want [or "surprise me"]
(b) your address/name if you want the book(s) OR you can say "send it to Jeff" since I think he was the only one trying to win OR you can say "Donate it to the library"

If you really want a particular book, email sooner rather than later because I will be choosing who gets what book based on who tells me first. First come, first serve. You might want to include alternates.

I will go to your blogs and let you know you all won. Thanks for those of you who bore with my Manga Mania. Believe it or not, it's still not out of my system. In fact, I seem obsessed with Dengeki Daisy, having read the entire series now three times in the past two weeks - and starting it again. Clearly, I'm wanting to get something specific out of it. I wonder what...

But I'll try to keep it out of the blog for a while.

Update: Jeff is taking Rasetsu, Night of the Beasts, Vampire Knight, and Kimi ni todoke. RM opted to send Otomen to Jeff, too. Flit's taking Bride of the Water God.


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