Writing Gruntwork

>> Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I love to write. When I get to where things are really happening, stuff just flows effortlessly. Setting up those scenes, however, can be slooooow.

Given that they take me so much longer than the other parts, it can be disheartening. It seems I'm slowing down the pace terribly (when, in reality, it reads as fast as the other parts). For that reason, it's taken far longer than I expected to get to the climax of my sequel. It's also further back than I expected so it looks like I'll be past 90K words again, since I'm at 88K now and I'm just starting the big "battle".

Oh well, hopefully this climax will move faster than the last one (which went over multiple chapters). And maybe the post climax can be trimmed.

Hey, I'll write it out and trim as necessary in the rework. Right now, it's time to get this puppy finished. Actually, it's more like a kitty - maybe that's why nothing turns out quite like I expected.


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