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>> Thursday, April 29, 2010

I've mentioned before that I love writing (haven't I?), that I'm driven to write, love telling a story on paper. I've also discussed the fact that I think reading out loud is one of the best editing tools of all the time, especially to someone like my husband.

But, I've discovered something else about myself. I love reading to an appreciative audience. Not even just my own stuff, though that's definitely my favorite. I should have realized it. I've been reading books (and my stuff) to my husband for nearly a decade. It's one of our favorite things to do together, the favorite thing that doesn't involve (or at least require) nudity. I read a couple of Georgette Heyers out loud into a computer to make CDs for Lee's blind great-grandmother (now deceased).

Anyway, Lee's got a few of his on-line pals to join our reading enclave using Skype and I've been loving it, whether it's a favorite published novel or one of my own.

If I sell these, I wonder if I can get to do the audio recordings?


  • The Mother

    We used to read books out loud with the kids. Reading to yourself is, though, much faster, for our time-challenged world.

  • Jeff King

    I can’t read very well... so I don't know how it feels too really enjoy it.

    I do love audio books and that--at least for me, is the best way to experience a book.

  • Project Savior

    I've been looking into podcasts and audiobooks books to increase exposure. http://librivox.org/ is one I looked at, I've been too busy to fully check them out but reading a few of our short stories on there might be something you'd be interested in.
    I'll research them more after I get my last 15,000 words to my latest project hammered out.

  • flit

    I used to use librivox recordings all the time, when I was driving between Sudbury and home for school.

    It is cool that you're able to use Skype to reach an even broader audience.

  • Nancy

    As part of that Skype Audience I must say that Stephanie has captivated me with her readings. Her own writings as well as others. If she is able to do Audio Recordings as well as be published, I for one will be sure to purchase her readings and writings. Thank you Stephanie for many enjoyable evenings!

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