I Did Get the Query Off

>> Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It's been a tough week, with lots of family stuff. I might not get to more querying until this weekend. Or I might send off some short stories. But first, more research.


  • Jeff King

    Hope it works out for you... btw what genre are you querying?

  • Stephanie Barr


  • Jeff King

    I have some info for you... the top two fantasy publishers don't care if you have a agent and better yet the prefer to see the manuscript at bare minimum the want sample chapters...

    They say you can't judge a work by a query so don’t bother sending one. Let me get the links I’ll be back...

  • Jeff King

    All want to see chapters or the whole manuscript... and of course a book proposal. Best of luck, hope this helps if you don't want to go the query route. I left you links of the info on Submission Guidelines, should tell you all you need to know..



    BAEN I don’t like their website but supposed to be a big time publisher of fantasy, not to mention they like large books. Right up your alley.


  • Stephanie Barr

    I've actually hit them both already. Sad, but true.

  • Jeff King

    well, best of luck either way...

  • Stephanie Barr

    I didn't meant to be dismissive or seem that way. I appreciate the links, agree that that would be a good try and certainly hope those links will help someone else.

    I did try them myself, but it didn't work.

    Thank you for the links and the advice, though.

  • Jeff King

    I didn't mean it that way... i meant best of luck either way, like either way you go. with an agent or publisher.

    here are a few good link to publishers, ones i would submit to if i was ready. i have checked them out... all of them are solid or true book publishers. thx hope they help.

    More links to good publishers that except unsolicited queries or sample chapters.


    ***The novel must have a strong female protagonist, great for you… also I love their site and their book covers. you must check them out!!!


    good publisher.


    Small publisher but info confirms they’re a true publisher.


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