Well, That's Gratifying

>> Wednesday, March 24, 2010

So, I'm in a good mood. Something cool happened to me, writing-wise.

See, at one time I put two items on helium.com, thinking that was a writing haven to pursue. Helium.com lets readers read and compare stories with the same "topic" so works can move toward the top. I was cool with the notion until I found out that you can't remove them, take them down, or, in fact, have any control of them. One was a short story I'd already had published (currently ranked 3 out of 92 so that's not bad).

The other was a long rhyme and rhythm poem (The Siren) that I have completely ignored for years, currently ranked 1 of 8. Which is kind of cool since my type of poetry is terribly old-fashioned. I have no illusions on the sale-ability of my poetry in general.

So, I was gratified to find that someone was trying to contact me to use that Siren poem. She did a google search for siren songs or something, found my Siren poem and then apparently did a google search on me that took me to my blog Ask Me Anything. And asked if she could use it.

Turns out, she's a clothing designer in Europe who wants to use the poem in an ad campaign. True, I won't make any money from it, but isn't that COOL?

I thought it was.


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