Finally, Moving Back Into My Groove

>> Thursday, March 18, 2010

Well, that was fun and it got me to thinking. Time to get to work on more writing. I have a bunch of novels in the hopper. What to do next?

My husband has a pet product that would probably be a good idea to pursue. This was one of his ideas and he seems to have finally settled on a plot. Now, Lee is the gadget guy, and he has this fabulous space ship envisioned with fabric drive and hydroponics and, well, everything.

And Phoenix, the artificial brain that drives this craft and its eclectic command crew. He has armor and little fighter craft and weapons all picked out. That's what he does best. He had the crew, of course, when I got there.

But I'm the one that fleshes 'em out, gives them voice and history, makes them work together. I've written probably twenty chapters on these folks already, but he kept changing the story he wanted to tell. Time at last to put all these interesting folks together, from the ugly amphibious alien deathly afraid of cats to the tiny Captain, leader by default.

Can't wait.


  • Project Savior

    Oh, the fleshing out of characters and voice. It starts tough then when it hits there is no bigger thrill in the world.
    My latest has a pizza guy that runs into aliens, devil worshipers, a succubus, a genie, the invisible man and many other things. But when I started writing about the relationship between him and his time traveling girlfriend, who in the present thinks he's a jerk so her future self has to keep playing match-maker it really started getting interesting.

  • Jeff King

    It’s all fun in the beginning... soak it up.

  • The Mother

    I have a few swirling around in my head, but my hubby is NO HELP. At all.

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