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>> Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Most of these posts will be written by me, Stephanie Barr, because, well, Lee is more a collaborator than a writer. I'm the one that can (generally) spell.

I'm also the one driven to write. Lee enjoys the world-building, and cool science fiction toys, and discussing options. He knows magic and myth. He loves armor and weapons. And, when I read things out loud, he helps me make it sound write - and you might be surprised how important that is. When I work on books with him, they're better. What characteristic could be more important in a collaborator?

But me, I would write anyway. Why?

Because I have to.

I can't read a good book without getting giddy and reading it again and again until I understand why it was so good. Or having it trigger what's wrong with what I'm doing - how to correct some flaw.

I can't have a conversation, particularly one that makes me laugh, without wanting to work it into a story. I can't meet an interesting person without wanting to immortalize them forever in words.

I think in stories and people and interactions and potential. An odd phrase or image and I'm hitting the ground running.

I feel like I've been training myself for this all my life. Writing poetry (rhyme and rhythm) in high school so I got the feel for the sound and emotional potential of words. Short stories in college as I played with introducing characters and strong ending, painting scenes quickly and effectively.

Now, I'm working on novels. I've written four, polished two and I feel like I'm getting the hang of this.

Even if no one ever reads it, I'll have written it, made those worlds and breathed life into those characters.

And that's almost enough.



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