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>> Tuesday, February 23, 2010

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I think The Mother might have mentioned this site before, but I hadn't paid enough attention clearly. When I was reading my pal, Project Savior's, post, he noted a terrific site recommended by the agent he'd queried called Project Savior (Darrell B. Nelson) wrote a clever query I think (and so did the agent), but I've learned so much trolling through the blog on queries, my head is spinning. Boy, have I been doing things wrong.

This agent, Janet Reid, (another excellent blog, by the way) fields queries and tells authors what's wrong with them, posting them on the blog with comments. Fantastic! Seriously, if you plan to market your work, you should read through queryshark and her agent blog.

The Mother definitely mentioned another blog called Miss Snark (which hasn't been updated in a few years and is still well worth reading - must find time.

Hope that helps. I know it helped me.

Some added sites from comments:

Nathan Bransford (literary agent)
Publishing Rants
Book Ends Literary Agency
Kaye Dacus' Manuscript 101

Thank you MA Fat Woman and Jeff King.


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