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>> Saturday, January 15, 2011

Janet Reid has a warning on her blog about a contest that not only bilks unsuspecting writers of all rights to their own work, but money as well with no assurance a prize would even be awarded (as it depends on the "number of entries").

The best defense for those of us who dream of someday becoming published is education and information. If you missed her warning, you can find it here. Check it out. See for yourself and note the warning phrases any writer should look for when seeing an offer that looks "too good to be true."

It always amazes me when the people behind these nefarious plans step forward to defend themselves.

Be aware.


  • Shakespeare

    I was STUNNED by the contest. The gall of asking for such a huge amount of money. The gall of essentially claiming sole proprietorship of all submissions? WTH?

    And then a representative had the nerve to defend it... or try to, since her "defense" was almost as objectionable as the contest.

    Despicable. I wish there was a way to tell EVERYONE in the world to avoid crap like this. I've never seen anything this heinous in my life.

  • Jeff King

    It makes me sick... thx for the warning.

  • flit

    what a crock that is... although I must admit I did laugh at the bit that said

    3.The contest is open to nonprofessional writers who are legal residents of the United States over the age of 18 as of February 1, 2011. Employees (or relatives of employees living in the same household) of First One Publishing, The Walnut Group, Blackwave Media Group, or any of its affiliates are not eligible. This contest is void in Puerto Rico, Quebec, and wherever prohibited or restricted by law.

    Didn't know you could be a resident of the US AND in Quebec... or Puerto Rico, for that matter.

  • Stephanie Barr

    Puerto Rico is a US territory. Quebec, however, is not.

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