Mixed Blessings

>> Thursday, January 20, 2011

Well, I'm back. I finished Saving Tessa which I really loved writing. Too bad it sucks. I hate that.

I know it sucks, even know why it sucks. Not sure if it's fixable. It bothered me so much I tried to rework it instead of doing the smart thing and just setting it aside until I had perspective.

So, in six/eight weeks, when I HAVE perspective (I hope), I'll read it and the five chapters I reworked (separate file) and see if there's anything to be salvaged.

When I first had the idea I thought it might turn into one of those ideas that would never be marketable, never suit anyone but myself. It wasn't a complete waste of time, if only because I DID love writing it and have characters that, if the opportunity presents itself, I can put in a story with a bit more meat on it maybe.

I don't know. I did mention I don't have perspective at the moment. I've got something else I've been meaning to play with. Next time, maybe I'll tell you what it is.

Wishing you joy in your endeavors.


  • Jeff King

    I’m sure it’s salvageable… if you ever need a person to read a book, I would love to do it.

    I hope it works out, thx for the update.

  • Shakespeare

    I'm in your same boat. Loved writing my new Thomas version, about 2/3 of which came from the first edition of it... but I know it sucks, and I can't really address the suckage until I have perspective.

    I need to get editing on something else, but the suck quotient disheartens me a bit too much. I'm going to get to it, though, since I have the morning to myself, with nowhere I have to go, nothing else I have to do.

  • Project Savior

    Send it to me when you are ready.

  • The Mother

    At some point we wanna be writers might have to just admit that we do it for ourselves, not for external consumption.

    But I don't think either of us has reached that point yet. Even though mine is on permanent hold while I dig myself out from under my office job.

  • Marilynne

    You'll have a moment of clarity one of these days and realize what's wrong with the book.

    Meanwhile, do other creative things. We know you have it in you.

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