Slow Couple of Weeks

>> Saturday, June 12, 2010

Those paying attention might have noticed that the tally of words on the novel I'm working on hasn't changed. I've stalled out on it. I could write more, but I know I'm going in the wrong direction, writing far too many chapters without moving forward. I suspect it's because I'm not sure what I want to effectively do in this novel. Since I can write humorous character development indefinitely, I figured I should stop so I just don't have to cull my favorite bits.

I should have sent some short stories off or reworked my query a few times. I still may do that and I appreciate everyone giving me feedback on it. I like my writing, but I'm well aware of my selling skills, or lack thereof.

Truth is, I'm still recovering from the near fatal scare with my son a few weeks back and I still haven't evaluated the financial fallout from that, since we're free in this country, to be sent to the poorhouse by even a couple of days in the hospital (and that's WITH insurance). And that's stressing me so I'm doing mindless things that destress me.

Writing can do that, but only if I'm in the zone.

I'll get back to it, when I'm ready and it will be all the better for the delay.


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