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>> Monday, May 17, 2010

It's always gratifying when writing goes swimmingly along. Added a bit of action today, just a touch, a hint of what's to come. And, next, I'm adding one of my favorite type of elements to read: a kid.

I'm a little intimidated. I can count the writers I know that write children well on one hand (and some of them don't do anything else I like nearly so well). And I'm hampered by the fact that I can barely remember being a child. I suspect I was born somewhat middle-aged. I do, however, have children, even if one is a teenager (which is not the same thing as a child, NOR the same thing as an adult). The other two, however, don't talk.

So, I'll be winging it. In many of my "next in the series" books, I will have to address children, so I'm going to have to get this mastered. Still. Fortunately, as I have an overdose of adult, my husband is an overdose of kid so it might work out after all.

We'll see how this all goes along. Since I'll be gone this week(presenting a paper at a conference), I'll have plenty of time to think about it.


  • Jeff King

    Good luck, depends one what age your talking about. 10 and up i think it is managable. any younger it become hard to guess what will come out of their mouths.

  • Project Savior

    Good Luck I haven't tried to add "normal" kids to any of my novels yet. The story I sent you was the closest I came to writing about a normal kid.
    It's something I will have to try, even if I end up deleting it, as it is sometimes necessary in the back story.
    I'm glad the writing is going well. There is no better feeling than looking up 3,000 words later and saying, "Hey this is pretty good."

  • The Mother

    I think children are easier from the outside. Most kids have no idea what's going on in their own heads.

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