Inspired Again

>> Saturday, May 8, 2010

I'll have to move my stats around again. All three of the books I was trying to work on just weren't inspiring me and, if I write on something uninspired, well, the results bite big time. So, I'll take those off the list - for now - until something clicks for one of those again. I'm hot on another story.

But it's all good. As I was trying to figure out how to get the creative juices flowing (and dealing with a never ending series of personal anxieties), my subconscious was on the job, putting the final touches on a character I had thought of some time ago that was appealing to me. I hadn't yet put him to paper, largely because I thought I was disappointed with the way I'd started that story some time ago.

So, I reread it. Know what? I thought it was pretty good after all. A few really minor tweaks and I was ready to run. I threw in my new character and I was sprinting. Oh, yeah, there's my story.

I'd mentioned I like romantic elements. I also like diverse and colorful casts of characters and often have a "friend" character who can steal every scene he's in. Lucy Lush is just such a character. Wanna know more?

Too bad. I'm going to tell you about him anyway. Lucy, born Lucifer Lushinski, the son of a career Marine and Warrant Officer, is a Drag Queen (and yes, in his case, it's capitalized). Lucy's tall, he's gorgeous, he's slim as a wand, he's exuberant and effusive and completely comfortable with himself. Tell him the most outrageous thing, he's completely unfazed. He's a protecting and a healing influence on all around him. He's also direct and manipulative by turns, doesn't worry about what anyone thinks of him. Good people are always won over in the end. And the rest - well Lucy doesn't care what they think anyway.

I don't know about you, but I think we could all use a friend like Lucy.


  • Project Savior

    Good to hear your inspired again.

  • Jeff King

    I am not sure I could handle a friend like that... I hate to admit it--or I hate to realize, at times I am closed minded and judgmental.

    I don't consider myself that way, nor do I project such horrible demeanors. But thinking of having a friend like that--makes me see I have hidden issues I need to resolve.

    At this point I wouldn't have a friend like that.

    I am glad you’re finding the muse, hope it continues for you.

  • The Mother

    I usually juggle several projects at once, too. Inspiration doesn't wait until you finish your last one.

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