>> Thursday, December 27, 2018

****End of year sale****
I'm not going to pound all of you with end of this, but there's no sense in having a sale if I don't tell people.

If you didn't get something good for Christmas, you can get all of my books either free or discounted from Smashwords - which can provide it in a format to fit every ereader need from Kindle to Nook to Kobo. Oh, and it's not just me so browse the site if you're in the mood for ebooks (and who isn't?)!

And they are good, fun, exciting, full of characters you can spend time with like
A four hundred year old shut in who reads fortunes and a care-for-nobody demon with a scruffy cat [Tarot Queen] or
A happy go lucky prince cum mercenary swordsman cum sorcerer and a rule-abiding self-assured sorceress/warrior who never asks for help, and, of course, six snarky telepathic kittens. [Curse of the Jenri] or

A clever thoughtful young man who thinks he's weak who can turn into a dragon and a sweet generous young healer who knows her own worth and wields a dangerous wooden spoon [Beast Within - Bete Book 1] or

A pugnacious firebrand who can think well in a crisis but feels in the shadow of his foster brother and a sharp-eyed, sharp-tongued engineer with a lightning temper and even quicker mind with even more snarky telepathic kittens. [Nine Lives - Bete Book 2] or
A teenage technological genius, short on social skills but long on dedication to those he loves and a scrappy girl who punches first and asks question later [Saving Tessa] or

A dragon-raised hermity mage who's given up on the world and a former slave who doesn't know the meaning of the word impossible [Taming of Dracul Morsus] or

Literally dozens of other characters in her anthologies [Legacy and Conjuring Dreams: Learning to Write by Writing] and her book of poetry [Musings of a Nascent Poet]

Everything's on sale OR FREE. Check it out. You can find them ALL here on smashwords. Including all my free mini-anthologies the go with the various novels. 

If you're not sure how to get the smashword files uploaded into your ereader, check here: 

(Scroll up and down for other options)

And the cat? It's just cute.


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