Traders Village Houston Comicon Day 1

>> Saturday, April 29, 2017

Traders VIllage Houston Comicon Day 1 rundown for Stephanie Barr for those that might be interested (and also callouts for those who deserve some credit).

First, to Veronica Smith who brought it to my attention and was great to meet in person.

Second to Chuck Larlham, who not only gave the posterboard idea but also the quote that caught many people's attention (since it's snarky). Many people read it, stopped, then came closer. Of those that approached and engaged, about half became sales. One interesting aspect is that many of the sales came about as husbands walked by reading, while their wives were talking to children or whatever, then stopped them and pointed me out. 3/4 of those became sales. Also, a shout out to Author Gibson who gave me the idea of the "Why not to buy my books" which were on my poster and got a few laughs.

Then a really big shout out to my fantastic cover designers, Loraine Van Tonder and Brendan Smith. There was no cover that wasn't someone's favorite and didn't get complimented and probably a third to half my sales included the term: "This one caught my eye."

Also, another shout out to Debbie Manber Kupfer for the idea of the bookmarks. People were excited to take them (everyone who engaged) and many were interested in the ebooks, so I'll likely sneak a few more than way.

I was expecting to sell five books (if I was lucky) for the whole comicon and was hoping for ten.

One the first day of the comicon, I sold nineteen books with Curse of the Jenri being the most popular by 1 (six sold) and every title sold at least two.

Sorry if this seems braggidocious, BUT, I have sold more books the past three months by a factor of TEN than in the three years before where six books were available (not all for three years, but you understand). It's because I stumbled into TDR Publishing and the group and met so many supportive, encouraging, thoughtful, kind people all over facebook and my life who have supported me in this endeavor. Not one person I know has treated my writing as a waste of time. 

Thank you all so much. Just had to say it.
And, hey, if I SAW you at the comicon, feel free to wave and say, "Hi!" It was great to meet you.


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