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>> Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It is much easier to just sit and write Dylan Chroz than it is to sit here and write about what it's like to be "the smart one" or some type of child prodigy. I am working on it because I think it's actually important, but it's harder than I expected and I have to come to grip with things I tend to set aside and work past.

I accepted being unpopular as being part of being myself, since I wasn't willing to act like someone else. But there is always a price. I hadn't appreciated how much there was to it, how complicated and interwoven it was until I tried to put it together. How much my first marriage was tied to it.

I'm not sure everyone gets to decide if they accept it (some are unable to play a role). I know a lot of genius types do put on a persona not realizing that there's a price for that, too.

Bear with me.


  • The Mother

    We will.

  • Sydney Katt

    Good for you. I'm the one who gave in to the desperation to be "accepted" in school and did everything I could to sabotage my own intellectual growth or hide the real me. It wasn't worth it.

    At all.

    Of course, now that I'm an adult not living in HighSchoolLand and can be quirky and not care who won't be sitting next to me at the lunch table. :)

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